When shopping for a home, it's easy to be swept away by a property's most charming characteristics and overlook things that may become very important later.

The following tips can help homebuyers define their priorities and streamline the process of finding a home.

1 - Location matters. Location is a key consideration when choosing a home. Desirability of a location may include commute times to work, proximity to schools, and easy access to neighborhood attractions.

2 - List what you want in a home. You'll save time if you decide early what features are most important. Your goal should be to find the right home without falling in love with one that may not suit your needs.

3 - Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage company. A pre-qualified buyer is often in a stronger negotiating position.

4 - Take good notes about the homes you visit. Turn priorities into a personal checklist and use it to track the features of each property.

5 - A real estate professional can provide valuable assistance. Today's homebuyers have access to a wealth of information, but may not have a way to tailor it to their needs. That's where a real estate professional can be of great benefit.

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